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Compiling your C.V.


Longman Tax Recruitment CV AdviceA CV should be far more than just a chronological list of your jobs with your qualifications thrown in for good measure. A well prepared CV is an important selling document that grabs the reader's attention and demonstrates that you have the skills, experience and personality they seek and why you are worth an interview.

We have developed a format for the presentation of CVs, based on Mike Longman's experience as a former Tax Partner in practice, which highlights those areas that busy employers focus on when deciding which CVs to reject and which candidates should be interviewed.

Our understanding of the tax profession enables us to get the balance right in terms of providing sufficient technical information without going overboard. As part of our quality control procedures all our CVs are reviewed internally before they are submitted to clients. This rigorous professional approach works and we are often complimented by clients on the clarity of our CVs.

This system is also geared to making life easy for our candidates. Typically candidates simply send us an email with a CV they have prepared themselves as a starting point. We then discuss this with them at our initial meeting and obtain any additional information to help us expand on key areas. This then gives us the data that we use to prepare our CV.

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