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Preparation for Interviews


Longman Tax Recruitment Job Interview Preperation

That phrase, although a little hackneyed now, still holds true and emphasises the importance of preparing fully for an interview. The better prepared you are the more relaxed you will be and the better you will come across at interview.

When we are working with candidates in the early stages of their career we regard helping them prepare for their interviews as being one of the key elements of the service we provide. As part of our service we will give you lots of information about the firm and also point you in the right direction for any further research you may want to do.

We will also fully brief you about the people you will be meeting, the role they have in mind and the format of the interview. We guide you through the type of questions you can expect and generally regarding your interview technique.

Many larger organisations now include some form of testing as part of their recruitment process (often at an early stage). There are a wide range of tests that different clients use covering general aptitude, numerical and verbal reasoning, problem solving, personality profiling, selling skills and full blown psychometric tests. We will brief you fully about any tests that you will face at interview and we can also often provide access to mock tests.

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