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Latest News

Don’t be flattered be suspicious!

The way people find a new job has changed a lot in recent years – even in the more conservative professions like tax.

The impact of social media, and in particular business networking sites such as LinkedIn, means that it is very easy for both in-house HR staff, and external recruiters, to identify and contact, large numbers of seemingly relevant potential candidates.

I am sure that all tax professionals will be used to getting lots of direct approaches about the latest "amazing opportunity". I am CTA and ACA qualified, and I even get these myself – 30 seconds research would tell anyone I haven't done any tax work for over 15 years! If some resourcers show such little attention to detail, it's not surprising that many of our contacts report getting routinely approached regarding completely irrelevant roles (e.g. private client consultants receiving details for TP manager roles!).

Tax specialists can now feel that they don't need to actively look for a new job as the job will come to them. In many cases that may prove to be true – but will it be the right job for you? Will it be the best job you could get, one that will steer your career in the direction that is right for you? If you are going to move, how do you know you couldn't earn more elsewhere?

In recent months some of our candidates are telling us that they are being contacted out of the blue by tax partners, who they haven't met, trying to get them to join their team. Now who wouldn't be flattered by that – especially if the call is from say a partner in a big 4 firm who has "heard good things about you"! Parking the hint of desperation in this tactic, there is one obvious downside to being on the receiving end of this call – it's an out and out sales call. You'll only be told about the benefits of working for the firm concerned, not the downsides and certainly not the possible benefits of working for a competitor or staying in your current role. I don't imagine many callers saying "please join us we are desperate to get some new people in as half of our team have recently left!", yet it is just this sort of background information that a knowledgeable recruitment agent will provide alongside other market information.

The internet has made a transactional approach to life much easier. Who now books their summer holiday sitting across the desk from a travel agent or collects a heap of glossy pamphlets from an estate agent when searching for their flat or house? Agents might seem to be a thing of the past but a good experienced recruitment agent who really knows the market and operates in an ethical manner can help you make sure your career move is the right one for you not just right for the firm who have reached out to you.

You should think of them as someone who will: -

be able to tell you about opportunities right across the market not just with one organisation

want to work with you over the long term and build a relationship,

provide you with balanced advice over the course of your career,

act as a sounding board for your own thoughts,

help ensure your package keeps up with the market rate,

keep you informed when relevant roles come up (without pushing you into something that's not right for you)

Social media and online networking sites are a wonderful thing and for those who want to sit tight and see what jobs come their way - good luck! If you would prefer not to leave things to chance (or to rely exclusively on the sales pitch of someone with a vested interest in your taking their job). I recommend you find yourself an agent who you can relate to and trust.

Mike Longman

Founding Director – Longman Tax Recruitment

Sheffield Branch CIOT sponsorship

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the 2018/19 CIOT Sheffield Branch lecture programme. Following a successful, long standing relationship with Manchester  we are keen to broaden our support to other regions, and look forward to working in partnership with the Sheffield committee. For anyone thinking about joining, the CIOT events provide a programme of technical lectures and seminars designed to meet the training needs of the membership; some of which also carry Law Society accreditation. The Members' Conferences are also a good source of structured CPD hours.

VAT specialist Mike Thexton presented at our first sponsored event in October to an audience of newly qualified and seasoned tax professionals. Pictured alongside Mike is Sheffield Branch Chair Kieron Batham-Tomkins from BHP Chartered Accountants.


Happy Birthday to us!!

We are proud to be celebrating out 15th anniversary this month.

A big thank you to all the candidates and clients that have supported us over the years.

We are looking forward to working with you all again over the next fifteen years - and beyond!


CIOT North East Branch

Longman Tax Recruitment were proud sponsors of the annual CIOT North East England Branch Wine Tasting evening recently held in Newcastle.

What a friendly bunch they are on the Tyne! The annual social event was, as usual, a great success with wine and conversation flowing effortlessly. An interesting worldwide selection of Summer Drinking Wines were presented by Michael Jobling Wines and accompanied by an enticing buffet provided by the venue As You Like It in Jesmond. Congratulations to CIOT branch Treasurer Tina Jones who was the winner of the prize draw Champagne on the night.  Looking forward to supporting future branch events.




North West Tax in Industry Forum

We are launching a quarterly North West Tax in Industry Forum in conjunction with BDO. Whilst the location and agenda may change for each event, we have planned our first roundtable event in Knutsford at The Mere Golf Resort & Spa on Tuesday 3rd July. The event is suitable for Tax professionals within industry or those with significant responsibility for tax at a senior level.

The topics covered will be focused on tax technical matters at a strategic level as opposed to a straight-forward legislative update. The Forum will not have a sales agenda. A key purpose of the Forum is to enable members to share recent experience and practices with their peers. As such we anticipate it will be a discursive, informal environment where BDO can share their insights on topics whilst facilitating a discussion between members.

The first breakfast Forum will take place on Tuesday 3rd July and will start with breakfast form 8.00 am. Some suggested topics for the first Forum are listed below, however, we are open to suggestions from members about any preferred topics:

Proposed Revisions to the Business Risk Review process and HMRC's current approach to governance and compliance for mid to large corporates Corporate Criminal Offence of Facilitation of Tax Evasion nine months on International trade in the post-Brexit world Our update on the in-house tax market

For more information or to book a place please call or email Alison Riordan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.